Friday, October 12, 2012

Fairy Tales foreword ~

Assalammualaikum W.B.T
wahai Readers yg Cute2 n Hensem Sekalian

Fairy tales are stories that tell of wondrous and miraculous happenings. The character often include supernatural beings such as fairies and elves, goblins and witches, giants and dragons or other monsters. magical objects like flying horses and carpets, mysterious plants with miraculous powers or mere spells, can bring deliverance or wreak havoc.

Fairy tales never go out of fashion. they are the stuff of dreams and imagination, and they will continue to fascinate readers young and old, now and in the future, as they have done in past generations. The most popular ones have been transformed into comic books, plays, movies and other forms of popular entertainment.

Popular themes range from good fairies and spirits giving a hand to the good-hearted or the underprivileged, from the common person rising above his or her station to become the prince and princess themselves while braving the odds for a worthy cause.

Fairy tales were once condemned as being neither moral nor healthy for little children, fearing that improper thoughts and ideas would be planted in the minds of the young. yet they have survived through the ages. a book of fairy tales is as much a book of magic as it is a manual for education, to pass on the experiences of different kinds of people, whether they are commoners or royalty, simple folk or the worldly wise.

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